The Third Biennial International Conference of the Persian Gulf

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Table of Content

First notes

To Appreciate the Third Conference

The Debate of History, Culture, and Civilization in the Third Conference


Part First: Culture and civilization

Lowland and Highland in Southern Iranian Plateau/ A. Khairandish

Persian Gulf in the Arabic Commentaries of Quran/ Y. Marof

Ports of Ganaveh and Jaborj from The Sassanid to Islamic Era/ M.E. Esmaeili-Jelodar

Societies of Qatif and Ehsa versus the Community of Najd/ Y. Qazvini-Haeri

Ergative Structure in Delvari Accent/ M. Ahi and R. Seifi


Part Second: Maritime and Commerce

Commercial Situation of Hormuz during the Teimourian/ H. Karamiour

Commercial Relations for Hormuz and Goa: Business of Horse/ K. Alemi

Zheng He’s Trips to the Persian Gulf/ A. Khani

Economic Situation of Kish during Sixth and Seventh AH/ M. Rahmati

Bandar Abbas during the Safavids and the Afsharids/ A. Bazmandagan-Khamiri

Identity of the Guide of Vasco da Gama to India/ M. Lavaee


Part Third: History and Politics

Weakness of Iranians to Institute a Capable Naval Force/ M. Dehqannejad

Summary of a Report on the Qajar Approach to Civilization/R. Jafarian

Muhammareh Battle during Mohammad Shah of Qajar/ S. M. Hosseini & S. Nikjou

Ups and Downs of Abu Mahir Family in the Persian Gulf/ A.R. Khalifehzadeh

Expansion of the United States in the Persian Gulf after WWII/ N. Nemati

Strategic Situation of Iranian Islands in the Persian Gulf/ M. Malakoutian

Successful Formula for Iran’s Foreign Policy in the Persian Gulf/ C. Faizee

Cooperativie Security System in the Persian Gulf/ M.B. Qalibaf, M. Omidi-Avaj, S.M. Pourmosavi


Part Fourth: Latin Papers

Trade Routes and Commercial Networks in the Persian Gulf during the Third Millennium BCE/ P. Steinkeller

Two Monumental Inscriptions of the Assyrian King Sargon II (721–705BCE) in Iran: The Najafehabad Stele and Tang-i Var Rock Relief/ G. Frame

The Last Achaemenid Army in the Crucial Struggle for Iran and the Persian Gulf in the Graeco-Roman Iconography/ T. Polanski

Foreign Influences on the Architecture of the North Coast of the Persian Gulf/ I. Szanto

Iranian Foreign Policy in the Persian Gulf/ M. Kamrava


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